International Medical Journal Medicus(IMJM) is internationally peer-review journal of medical sciences , founded by the The Association of Albanian Medical Doctors from Macedonia (AAMD – Macedonia).


The first number was published in 2004. IMJ Medicus. A highly enthusiastic and dedicated international team of medical doctors and scientists comprise the editorial board . Respective papers are published in English, Albanian and Macedonian language.


Original papers, review articles, case reports and short communications, in addition to summaries of recent international or national medical scientific meetings or symposia. It’s published three times per year: 1ST of January, 1ST of May and 1ST of September.


The Association of Albanian Medical Doctors from Macedonia (AAMD – Macedonia) was founded in 1994, at times of specific societal circumstances and specific conditions of the development of the medical profession and health care in particular, in the Republic of Macedonia. The mission of the association was to protect and promote the position and the role of doctors and patients in an organized manner, amid specific, and in many ways, challenging period of time.


Nonetheless, over the time its role has strengthened and its activities shaped its identity, standing at the forefront of the interests of its founders-the doctors, and the interests of the other health care workers, as well as patients’ interests. Thus, the association has placed itself in the mainstream of global interaction with the other associations abroad in order to advance the art and science of medicine toward the patients’ interests and health promotion.


In this context, noting the historical course of organizing the associations, as well as taking into consideration the motives for their foundation, the Association of the Albanian Medical Doctors from Macedonia (publishing the International Medical Journal – Medicus) represents a legitimate structure for its own purposes and excellent opportunity to meet the needs imposed by the time, both for doctors’ and their patients’ needs.


The need for health promotion and health services, the need for adequate forms of advocating the doctors’ and patients’ interests, as well as the obligation for continuous medical education in order to be always at the height of the requirements of the duty, they all will remain at the heart of the association’s mission. Being aware of the aforementioned, the AAMDM, following its own action plan, and in accordance with the requirements of time, has widened the scope of its activities in several directions. Therefore, starting from this year (2013), the association has made a decision to publish the International Medical Journal Medicus (IMJM) in three issuances per year.


Editor in chief: Prof. D-r. Nevzat Elezi
Str. “Mehmed Pashe Derralla” Nr. 16
1200 Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia